These are the films that we screened in 2014, we hope you enjoy them. Please click on the title to learn more about the film. You can also download a page to print – Brentwood Arts Cinema Club 2014 Season.

26th January, 2014

Annie Hall

USA 1977 – Woody Allen – 93 mins

A brilliant series of shrewd anecdotes dealing with Allen’s self obsessive hang-ups and metropolitan pastimes, this film harks back to Allen’s time as a comedian. Razor sharp one-liners mix chaotically with keen-as-mustard observations of Manhattanite manners and a touching romance.

23rd February, 2014 

The Island

Russia 2006 – Pavel Lounguine – 112 mins

In a small monastery in Northern Russia lives a very unusual man, confusing his fellow monks by his bizarre conduct. Those who visit the island believe that the man has the powers of healing and prophecy. However, he considers himself unworthy because of a sin he committed in his youth. Starkly and startlingly beautiful.

23rd March, 2014

Au Hasard Balthazar

France 1966 – Robert Bresson – 91 mins

Balthazar, a donkey, is passed from owner to owner, some kind, some cruel, but all with motivations beyond his understanding. Truly a beast of burden, suffering the sins of man, he accepts his fate nobly despite his powerlessness. By Bresson’s unconventional approach this seemingly simple story becomes a moving parable of purity and transcendence.

27th April, 2014


Chad 2007 – Mahmut-Saleh Haroun – 96 mins

Because Chad’s government has granted all war criminals amnesty, Atim (16) sets out to avenge his father’s death. He quickly tracks down the man he must kill: Nassara, now married and the owner of a small bakery. To get closer to Nassara, he is hired as an apprentice, but as they work together, a strange relationship develops.

18th May, 2014 


Italy 1968 – Pier Paolo Pasolini – 98 mins

A wealthy Italian bourgeois family faces collapse after each member (and the maid) is seduced in turn by a mysterious Christ- or Devil-like stranger (Terence Stamp at the height of his powers). An enigmatic fable used to explore family dynamics, and, in particular the subversive power of homosexuality to undermine the patriarchal image.

22nd June, 2014 

Spirit of the Beehive

Spain 1973 – Victor Erice – 97 mins

In rural Spain, after Franco’s victory (a wasteland of inactivity thrown into relief by the doomed industriousness of the bees), the only spark of liberation exists in the mind of little Ana, dreaming of meeting the gentle monster from Whale’s Frankenstein, who befriends a fugitive deserter. A haunting mood piece, working its spells through intricate pattern.

20th July, 2014

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs

Japan 1960 – Mikio Naruse – 111 mins

A young widow working as a hostess in Tokyo’s neon-lit Ginza district, forces herself to drink and flirt with rich businessmen, but at thirty faces some stark choices. This masterpiece’s power stems from its remarkable range of subtle, nuanced performances, above all Hideo Takumine – portraying the widow’s complex motivations with heart rending delicacy.

14th September, 2014


France/Austria/Germany 2012 – Michael Hanekei – 127 mins

Georges and Anne, cultivated and retired music teachers, are in their eighties and still in love. Their daughter, who is also a musician, lives abroad with her family. One day Anne has an attack and the strength of the bonds holding them together is severely tested. A touching film about growing old and winner of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or and Oscar for best foreign film.

19th October, 2014 

Cria Cuervos

Spain 1976 – Carlos Saura – 110 mins

This film centres on an amazing performance by the young Ana Torrent as a disturbed 8 year old living in Madrid with her two sisters. She is mourning the death of her mother (an ethereal Geraldine Chaplin), whom she conjures as a ghost – the title means Raise Ravens in English. Touching and thought provoking, this remains one of Spain’s most important films.

16th November, 2014 


Australia 1970 – Nicholas Roeg – 100 mins

In Roeg’s second film two posh English kids, taken into the outback by their father, find themselves left all alone to confront a continent and try to find Westernised safety again. In shimmering light and colour cultures conflict when an Aboriginal boy comes to their aid, and profound and unpredictable psychic forces hold sway in the desert landscape.

14th December, 2014 

The Lives of Others

Germany 2007 – Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck – 138 mins

It’s 1984, and Stasi agent Wiesler, who’s spent much of his life weeding out ‘dangerous’ characters, is thrown into a quandary while investigating an individual who actually poses no threat. Henckel’s first feature is a powerful but subtle drama about the conflict between the individual and a totalitarian society.


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