Films 2018

These are the films that we are showing in 2018.

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21 January 2018

The Midwife

France / Belgium, 2017 – Martin Provost – 117 mins


A film about the unlikely friendship that develops between Claire (Catherine Frot’s talented but tightly wound midwife), and her late father’s free-spirited mistress (Catherine Deneuve). A bewitching and unapologetic celebration of life’s loves, losses and endless fresh surprise, which sparkles with humour, tenderness and a mischievous charm.
25 February 2018

Manchester by the Sea

USA, 2016 – Kenneth Lonergan – 137 mins


Lee (Casey Affleck), a brooding loner, works as a handyman. One winter’s day he gets a call — his brother’s heart has given out, and he’s been named guardian to his 16-year old nephew. As if losing his only sibling, and his doubts about raising a teenager aren’t enough, his return to the past re-opens an unspeakable tragedy; a superbly acted film about grief.
25 March 2018

Hotel Salvation

India, 2016 – Shubhashish Bhutiani – 103 mins


A Venice festival award winner, this features an elderly father who persuades his over-worked, modern son to take him to the holy city of Varanasi, so he can attain salvation before he dies. A black comedy about death and dying, the role of Hindu tradition (as observed by the wry son who is distanced from it), and what is universally important in life.
29 April 2018

Embrace of the Serpent

Columbia / Venezuela / Argentina, 2015 – Ciro Guerra – 125 mins


Years after a local shaman helps a young German explorer find the healing yakruna flower, a scientist also meets the shaman, now older and disillusioned, his customs long forgotten, his people dispersed. This mesmerising film explores the impact of imperialism, honouring the magic of a lost world, and dedicated to those whose song we will never know…
20 May 2018


UK, 1966 – Michaelangelo Antonioni – 111 mins


A fashion photographer who has taken some casual images, becomes convinced that an enigma sits hidden within them… An extraordinary examination of perception and reality, with the dispassionate, rustling mystery of Charlton’s Maryon Park hauntingly offering a truth of time and place far beyond the glamour of 60s London’s Swinging moment.
24 June 2018


Italy, 1970 – Pier Paulo Pasolini – 106 mins


Maria Callas (an extraordinary performance) stars as the high priestess whose love is threatened by corrupt political ambition. Adapted from the Euripidean drama, this tale of love, betrayal and revenge is a fascinating collision of Freudian and Marxist themes; a complex and disturbing blend of classical mythology and contemporary social criticism.
15 July 2018

The Long Goodbye

USA, 1973 – Robert Altman – 111 mins


Both the most intelligent of Chandler adaptations (along with Hawks’ Big Sleep), and an ironic, defiant update, with Gould’s loveable proto-slacker Marlowe — so laid-back as to be horizontal — still harbouring the ideals of an upright past. A delicious comment on change in the US; a critique of film noir mythology, and one of the 70s’ finest movies.
16 September 2018

Times and Winds

Turkey, 2008 – Reha Erdem – 110 mins


Life in a rural mountain village is examined though the eyes of three children, each struggling with different preoccupations and responsibilities. Their youthful struggles play out against the backdrop of passing hours, changing seasons and rural customs in what is a surprisingly gripping movie about childhood and tradition in an Islamic society.
14 October 2018

Under The Skin

UK / USA / Switzerland, 2013 – Jonathan Glazer – 108 mins


A mysterious female figure (Johansson) cruises Glasgow’s streets and roads, picking up men, hunted, or maybe abetted by equally strange motorcyclists. But nothing is as one expects, indeed little here is like anything we have seen before. Visually and narratively stunning, disturbing, haunting and intense; one of the finest films of the decade so far.
18 November 2018

The Cranes are Flying

USSR, 1957 – Mikhail Kalatozov – 97 mins


Sweethearts Veronica and Boris, blissfully in love, are separated by the outbreak of war. He is sent to the front: communication stops. These are ordinary people in agony — except that in the soaring images of Uruzevsky’s stunning cinematography, this has an almost transcendent quality. A superbly crafted drama, with impassioned performances.
9 December 2018


Iceland, 2015 – Grimur Hakonarsen – 92 mins


A marvel of deadpan comedy, shot against the astonishing Icelandic landscape, about two feuding brothers, who haven’t spoken to one another in decades (merely sending messages by sheepdog), trying to save their prized ancestral sheep from a cull. Finally forced into cooperation, can they save their sheep and themselves from disaster?

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