Films 2015

These are the films that we are showing in 2015, we hope you enjoy them. Please click on the title to learn more about the film. You can also download the programme leaflet.

 25th January 2015

The Lunchbox

India, Germany, France, USA, 2013 104 mins Ritesh Batra

Award-winning short filmmaker Ritesh Batra’s debut feature highlights Mumbai’s legendary Lunchbox delivery service, which it’s said, never goes wrong. Except when an accounts clerk on the brink of retirement suddenly receives the food another man never appreciated, in a box that looks just like his own… Subtle, humorous and wonderfully observed.

22nd February 2015 

The Great Beauty

Italy, 2013 135 mins Paolo Sorrentino

A hugely entertaining and stunningly shot satire of high life in Berlusconi’s Italy. Toni Servillo plays Jep Gambardella, a once acclaimed novelist, through whose world weary eyes we witness the decadence of a bankrupt culture consuming itself. The wonderful soundtrack includes music ranging from Tavener and Pärt to punchy Italian club mix.

22nd March 2015

The Grand Budapest Hotel

GB, Germany, 2014 99 min Wes Anderson

Wittily narrates the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, as he struggles to prove his innocence after he is framed for the murder of a wealthy guest, aided by Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. A quick fire comedic, star-studded account of a Hollywood Europe.

26th April 2015

The Motorcycle Diaries

Argentina, 2004 128 mins Walter Salles

The young Che Guevara leaves his middle class family and wealthy girlfriend for a road trip with his friend. What begins hedonistically is transformed, as witnessing rural destitution and injustice firsthand presents both a genuine and captivating picture of South American identity, and leads to radical political awakening. Subtle and beautiful.

17th May 2015 

Lift to the Scaffold

France, 1958 88 mins Louis Malle

A self-assured business man murders his mistress’ husband, unintentionally provoking an ill-fated chain of events. Malle puts his individual stamp on this ingenious roman noir, shot in high contrast b/w by the brilliant cinematographer Decaë, and with Miles Davies’s superb score (improvised in one night). One of the 50s’ seminal films.

14th June 2015

12:08 East of Bucharest

Romania, 2007 89 mins Corneliu Porumboiu

Set in a local television station, a presenter tries to put together a programme on the history of the revolution, but phone-in viewers’ claims question whether it ever took place. Wryly funny and highly original this modern deadpan masterpiece of satire captures both this event’s contentious narratives, and the bitter feeling of hopes dashed in its wake.

12th July 2015

Wild Strawberries

Sweden, 1957 91 mins Ingmar Bergman

Elderly professor Isak Borg, set to receive an honorary degree, wakes in a cold sweat. In his nightmare he stood in a deserted street completely alone, the clocks had no hands, and when a hearse slowly arrives its horses suddenly bolt – the coffin falling out, its lid open. Troubled, he realises his subconscious is urgently trying to tell him something…

20th September 2015

The Angels’ Share

GB, 2012 101 mins Ken Loach

Comedy reminiscent of Whisky Galore, set in working class Glasgow. A new Dad finds inspiration to escape his petty criminal lifestyle on a visit to a whisky distillery, but succumbs to further temptation when he hears about a priceless cask that is shortly to be auctioned. A spirited mixture of outrageous fun and touching social commentary. Will be shown subtitled!

18th October 2015

The Past

France, Italy, 2013 130 mins Asghar Farhadi

Featuring an unforgettable central performance by Bérenice Bejo that earned her Best Actress at Cannes 20l3, this is an engrossing, tight-knit family drama from Academy Award winner Farhadi, as gripping as any thriller. After a four-year separation, Ahmad returns to Paris from Tehran, at his French wife’s request in order to finalize their divorce…

15th November 2015

Aguirre, Wrath of God

Germany, 1972 93 mins Werner Herzog

Klaus Kinski plays Don Lope (loopy) de Aguirre in this extraordinary account of the quest for El Dorado.   The pious but deluded conquistadors soon fall prey to the Amazonian forests, rivers and Indians and to their own ludicrous ambitions.   Visually stunning.   Herzog and Kinski at their manic best.
13th December 2015

O Brother Where Art Thou?

USA, 2000 107 mins Joel and Ethan Cohen

Loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey, this engagingly anarchic shaggy dog story finds Everett (Clooney) escaping from a chain gang purportedly in pursuit of soon-to-be-drowned booty but actually to drive his less than faithful Penelope away from her new beau. Great dialogue, superb camerawork, terrific music, and a genuinely wondrous deus ex machina…

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